Friday, March 25, 2016

My Top 5 Favorite Disney Snacks

Year after year, I can never get tired of going to Disney. I love the parks, rides, atmosphere, and all the magical moments. One of my most favorite things about going to Disney is the food! There is nothing better than heading to your favorite park and indulging in your favorite Disney snack after a long afternoon of running around. Here are my top 5 favorite Disney snacks!

1) Mickey shaped Rice Krispy Treats 

I LOVE going to Disney Springs (formerly known as Downtown Disney), heading to Goofy's Candy Company, and creating my own Rice Krispy Treat. There's a few other places on property where you can customize your own, but I loved going to Goofy's the best. You can choose the type of chocolate you want to dip the treat in, the toppings (I always go for the mini M&M's), and what kind of chocolate you want to be drizzled on top. A cast member will make your treat for you as you get to watch, and you can eat it fresh, or have it wrapped for later! 

2) Cake Pops

When I'm in need of a quick pick me up, Disney cake pops are always the answer. They're easy to eat on the go, and are just the right amount of sweet. They make so many in different character forms, but this was the coolest one I've seen so far! I got this Maleficent cake pop at Sweet Spells in Hollywood Studios. Delicious! 

3) Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar 

Nothing is more refreshing than a vanilla ice cream bar, dipped in milk chocolate, shaped like Mickey, to cool off on a hot Florida day. The simplicity of this treat makes it a classic Disney snack. They serve these all over property at snack stands, and even in the freezers at the food court at Disney resorts. 

4) Mickey Waffles 

Okay, so these aren't necessarily a snack, but if they made them into one, I would for sure eat one each time I went to the park! Mickey waffles aren't just regular waffles - obviously they're shaped like the Boss Man himself, but they just taste better than regular waffles. Crispy on the outside, and perfectly soft in the middle. They are the perfect way to start any day at the Disney parks. They are typically found at most Disney breakfasts and at the resorts when they serve breakfast at the quick service food court. My favorite spot to get Mickey waffles is at the Trail's End buffet at Fort Wilderness. They have regular Mickey waffles AND chocolate chip Mickey waffles! The chocolate chip waffles are hard to come by, so seeing them there is a huge treat. 

5) Ice Cream Cone at the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor 

At the Magic Kingdom, facing the castle, stands Main Street's Ice Cream Parlor. They serve Edy's brand ice cream, but they still find ways to make their ice cream with Disney magic. I always go for the kids ice cream cone because it comes with two chocolate pieces that serve as Mickey ears. I find myself coming to this place a lot, and it was a place I would frequent after a long shift of making magic while I was on my program.

There are a ton more other Disney snacks I also love, but these five were the ones that made it to the top of the list for me. I'll simply never get tired of them because not only are they delicious, but they are also served with a hint of special Disney magic that never fails to make me (and my belly!) happy.

What are some of your favorite Disney snacks?

Thank you for reading. I hope you all have a magical day and I'll see ya real soon.

Love, Lindsey 

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