Monday, August 15, 2016

My Future With Disney

Hey there! 

Lately, I've been thinking about my future more and more. As I enter my final year in college (it's about time!), I'm beginning to figure out what my plans will be like after I graduate. The right thing to do would be to search for a job in my field of study, which in my case, would be a job teaching elementary school. I've dreamed of becoming a teacher for such a long time, and it's becoming really surreal that those dreams can actually, very possibly, come true within the next year. 

However, the further away I get from my Disney College Program ending, the more and more I want to either do another program or work for Disney again in some other way. My mind is going a million miles a minute dreaming of these possibilities. I loved working for Disney so much. The fact that their sole purpose is to make dreams come true and create happiness for others is something I've come to admire, and something I want to be a part of for a bit longer. Disney offers careers and internships in the education field, which is something I could look into. Or, I could go completely off the education grid and do something in the communications field (which btw, I'm not really sure if I'm even qualified for that, since I'll have a sociology degree and an elementary ed certificate, lol).

I also really want to do another Disney College Program next fall. I absolutely loved being a part of making magic for guests and getting to experience it for myself every single day. The sad reality of this is that I really need to focus on getting a full time job close to home (which the DCP is not). I'm not quite sure what my chances are of doing another DCP, but I have about six months to figure that out until the Fall 2017 applications drop, and I'm still crossing my fingers I am able to. 

I really hope January 4th, 2016 was not my last time working for the Disney Company. I know deep down in my heart that I will return to the company in some way (whether it is next year, in the next five years, or maybe not until I retire from teaching). I'm confident that someday, I will be back working for the Mouse again, and the Walt Disney Company has not seen the last of me! 

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