Sunday, October 4, 2015

September Update!

Yikes, I can't believe it's been almost a month since my last post. Totally did not mean for that to happen. I guess it just means I'm having too much fun to sit down and write something. But what's even crazier is that I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been living in Florida! I feel like I was accepted into the Disney College Program just yesterday, and now I'm living the dream. 

My life has completely changed within a month. Besides the obvious fact that I am now living in Florida and not New Jersey, I have started working for the Walt Disney company. If you don't see it on my Facebook or Instagram, I work merchandise on Main Street USA at Magic Kingdom! I feel really lucky to be working at Magic Kingdom. Not only is it my favorite park, but it is the epitome of Disney World. When people say they're going to Disney World for vacation, people automatically picture Cinderella's Castle and all of the unique attractions that are at Magic Kingdom. I have the pleasure of being able to look at Cinderella's Castle every single day, and let me tell you, it never gets old. I also have the luxury of getting to view every parade that comes by (that includes the Halloween parade, Boo to You!) and seeing Celebrate the Magic and Wishes at night. It's during those moments that make the late night shifts and long hours completely worth it. I've had to adjust working into the late hours of the night, something I've never had to do. And since I don't have my car here, I have to rely on the bus system that the DCP offers to its students. It can take me up to an hour or so to get home sometimes after my shift. I used to be a morning person (so much so that I used to start work at 7 am during my summers) but now I'm sleeping in to almost noon on days I don't start work until late. 

I'm learning to become more independent. Yes I have lived on my own for four years while dorming at school, but I had all my meals cooked for me (thank you, dining halls) so I have never had to really shop for groceries or cook for myself for each meal. It's not hard to prepare meals for myself, it's more of remembering to cook for myself and pack each meal for work because I work through lunch and dinner a lot of the times. It's also different getting adjusted to eating at off times. Many times, I'll eat lunch or dinner at off times, and even if I've eaten dinner, I'll come home from work at midnight starving and wanting a fourth meal. 

I also have never lived in an apartment, and while it's no different than the suites I've lived at at school, it's a bigger space and I have to keep up in doing my part to keep it neat. None of these things are hard to do, but it's more about the time management that I'm finding to be an adjustment. "Adult-ing" is not always fun, especially when on your days off, you either want to catch up on sleep or go play in the parks and explore. However, I'm liking this learning opportunity and the way it is making me become a more independent person. 

I have met so many wonderful people so far on my program too. My roommates are all so awesome. We are from different parts of the country but we get along really well and I'm so glad I'm able to live with them. I have also met really great people that I work with, as well as interacting with guests at work. The opportunities I've gotten to meet people from other places is such a blessing because I'm learning so much about other people and the world around me. It's an opportunity I could only get on an experience like the Disney College Program. 

It's only October 4th but I've already done so much! I have plenty of other things I still want to do, but here has been my past month in pictures!!! From Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, to Disney food, to Hogwarts, to character meet and greets to Epcot Food and Wine Festival, this has been my life so far! 

Sorry if this post feels forced. I feel like it's difficult to put into words sometimes what I want to say when I'm not feeling in a creative mood. Be sure to check out my YouTube because it's a terrific way to see my whereabouts through my eyes! CLICK ME FOR MY YOUTUBE!

So to conclude my September post, I'd just like to say that I absolutely love living here. Despite the times when I feel sad or get homesick which happens a lot, I have awesome friends here to distract me, and then I have Disney World in my backyard to explore. There is nothing more I could ask for and I cannot wait to see what the next three months bring! Let's hope I do a better job at updates so I don't have to make super long posts like this again haha.

Thanks for reading and I'll see ya real soon! 


  1. You're growing so much on this adventure! And what amazing memories you'll carry with you for the rest of your life. So proud of you!!

    1. Yes I really am! Thank you so much Aunt Debbie, I'm so happy I can share this with you :)