Sunday, September 6, 2015



So Thursday, September 3rd was my Traditions. When starting any new job, its newest employees must go through an orientation of some sort before they can begin training. Disney has an orientation too, except it is so much more than that. At Traditions, Disney introduces you to the heritage and history of the Disney company, what they expect of their cast members, how we all play a part in the future of Disney, and welcoming you to their big family. 

I can't really share too much of what happened but Traditions was a very emotional experience, especially for a huge Disney fan like myself. It kept hitting me while I was sitting there at Disney University that I am now a part of this amazing company. 

Disney's newest cast member! 

We received our Disney name tags that has our college on them which was a big moment because I always imagined having one of my own. As a Cast Member, when you are in costume, you're required to wear your name tag. Underneath your name has your hometown on it, and it's always really interesting to read where everyone is from. If you are on the college program, they put your college/university underneath your name instead. 

After completing Traditions, we got our company IDs which meant that we are able to go into any Disney park for free! Naturally, we went right to Magic Kingdom! I was able to go on so many rides as well as meeting up with some of my campers from my summer job, watching Wishes and went to Columbia Harbour House for dinner! 

I hope you all have a magical day and I'll see ya real soon! 

<3, Lindsey 

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